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Our suite of products, solutions and services that continuously protect your mobile applications as well as communication against the latest cyber threats

Privacy Suite - Comprehensive high-end cyber security, customised to your specific needs

In the age of advanced industrial espionage and Internet crime, mobile communication frequently proves to be a simple way for hackers to unlawfully intercept calls and steal data. Attacks on mobile apps often provide an easier alternative to breaking into organisations, than using traditional online cyber-attacks. The consequences can be disastrous with sensitive business secrets, confidential customer data and customer calls or SMS traffic being disclosed and getting into the wrong hands, or devices, or even vehicles being compromised. The resulting damage can be severe, from destroying successful and trustworthy customer and business relationships, to painful regulatory fines to ultimately jeopardising entire businesses.

Privacy AppKit – Securing your mobile applications

In todays “mobile-first” world, cyber-attacks increasingly focus on mobile devices. Leading corporations are preparing now to be protected against tomorrows’ threats. For more than a decade we have been using advanced threat-based protection techniques to secure mobile applications on smartphones, tablets and embedded devices against the latest threats, even if the devices themselves are compromised. This is why we also secure application servers, which is key to protecting internal databases and systems. We work as a trusted partner to your development department / partner and our open technology approach ensures that you do not run the risk of vendor lock-in.

Privacy Transaction – Comprehensively protected online and mobile banking

Today every financial institution offers its customers online and mobile solutions. Fast internet connections and new generations of smartphones enable comfortable anytime and anywhere banking. Subsequently, the highest demands on security and protection must be met as in the digital age, computers, as well as smartphones, are the targets of ever more sophisticated phishing and hacking attacks. Privacy protection sustainably and comprehensively protects financial institutions as well as their customers from malicious third party induced transactions.

Privacy Call – Interception-proof calls with a mobile phone

Interception of confidential mobile phone calls today has technically become child’s play. Modern technologies open new possibilities for criminals, which have to be warded off. Protect yourself and your telephone contacts from snoopers. With Privacy Call you call via the most up-to-date encryption. Moreover, neither voice quality nor ease-of-use are negatively affected. Privacy Call can be made invisible on a mobile phone so that it can be only activated by a special access code or by an incoming Privacy Call. If you lose or get your mobile phone stolen, nobody can detect Privacy Call. Discretion and privacy are always preserved.

Privacy Guardian – Hard times for thieves

Also without password protection, Privacy Guardian very effectively prevents misuse of your lost or stolen mobile phone. Before an unauthorized person can thoroughly delve into your mobile phone, you or a trusted person sends a discreet “invisible” SMS command to your phone which locks your device. In addition, you can remotely control your handset, for example, to back up and delete all sensitive data or to remotely switch the GPS function on, helping you to precisely locate your mobile phone within a few meters. Privacy Guardian can also be made invisible through a secret code. Thieves would have no reason to try and prevent Privacy Guardian from functioning, as they would be completely unaware of its existence. Imagine their surprise if you activate a loud-sounding alarm simultaneously blocking the switch-off button! Thieves certainly don’t want to be caught, so they have to throw away your mobile phone meaning that you have a chance to recover it.

Privacy Protect – Mobile protection against viruses, trojans, malware and spyware

Conventional anti-virus software, even if adapted to mobile phones, principally has a problem with energy consumption and battery drain as the scanning processes involved are intrinsically power-hungry. Privacy Protect uses a fundamentally different approach, which is as effective in protection but only uses a negligible amount of battery power. The user or the administrator has to explicitly allow any new application to be installed on the user’s mobile phone. This procedure allows for secure protection against hidden corruption of mobile phones with viruses, trojans, malware or spyware. Mobile banking or applications for police and security organisations, for example, are prime candidates for Privacy Protect.



Advanced group communication via mobile phone network

The performance of emergency task forces depends more than ever on communications. A reliable communication between the central command and field is essential, especially during crises. Modern mobile phone technology functions well under many adverse conditions which pose insurmountable problems to conventional radio equipment. GSM-G allows normal mobile phones to become a full-fledged alternative to conventional radio equipment. GSM-G communications can be used in parallel to normal telephony and messaging on the mobile phone. This yields many advantages to the forces in the field and the central command:

Considerable increase in efficiency and range of operation of the field personnel

Using the mobile handsets of your field forces results in substantial cost savings and an increased range of action since GSM coverage exceeds conventional mobile radio.

Strongly encrypted, better voice quality, easier to use

Although strongly encrypted, the voice quality is much better than conventional PMR. Using GSM-G is simple and intuitive.

Can be enhanced with many optional functions

e. g. GPS tracking, automated ID checking, interoperability with TETRA networks ...


  • Fully parallel operation of mobile calls, messaging and group communications
  • Special mission-critical operation mode
  • State-of-the-art, configurable strong encryption with secure key exchange
  • Unlimited number of channels, configurable groups and presence lists
  • Highly scalable, telecom-grade architecture, including fully redundant and geographically distributed GSM-G servers, with at least 5 monitoring servers
  • Customer-specific developments on request (e.g. field force adaptations, encryption algorithms, etc.)
  • Bluetooth connection to external headset, including induction loop headset for covert operations.



NearShore has a team of some 30 world-class security experts, located in Switzerland and Ukraine. The company offers comprehensive high-end mobile and backend security solutions.

For further details and specific customer references please contact us under

Guenther Koopmann


Guenther Koopmann, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Guenther Koopmann has over 30 years of experience in managing and building businesses and operations in different global telecommunications and semiconductor industries.

Before heading NearShore, he held several management positions at Siemens Switzerland, building their carrier internet and mobile services business. Before that he integrated the acquired Timeplex Inc. into Ascom Germany, merged Ascom's global carrier broadband access business with Ericsson and built their Swiss carrier internet business. By the end of the eighties Guenther turned around sales & marketing of ABB Switzerland's high power semiconductors division. Before that, out of Silicon Valley California, he built the North American compound semiconductor business for Wacker Siltronic in Germany. Guenther holds an MBA from Insead in Fontainebleau, France and an MSc in Physics from the technical university of Darmstadt, Germany. He is married and the father of two sons.

Nils Granath


Nils Granath, Co-Founder

Nils Granath is an entrepreneurial executive with 20+ years track record in the software and wireless industries, who brings his expertise in business development, product management and corporate finance to NearShore.

He is working as Investment Director ICT at Swisscanto Invest. Previous experiences include managing technology investment portfolios for Telia Company as well as Swisscom, advising Netbreeze on its sale to Microsoft, leading the entry of SICAP into mobile device management and selling Ericsson’s first mobile system in Ukraine. Nils Granath is a Swedish national and holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France as well as an MSc from Linkoeping Institute of Technology, Sweden and ENSAM, Paris, France. He is married and has three daughters.


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